TRANSPEED 03-72LE Transmission Oil Filter For

Product Information:
Product Name: 6R80 Transmission Master Kit
OEM: 6R80
Condition: Brand New
Brand: TRANSPEED (Independent production)
Quantity: 1x set Master Rebuild Kit (including overhaul kit, friction kit, steel kit)

Ⅰ. Overhaul Kit:
*FKM Rubber:
1.  Heat resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, UV resistance, etc.
2. 80% of the sealing rubber ring is made of fluorine rubber (FKM), which is from the United States and Taiwan, and 20% is ACM rubber, of which all ACM raw rubber is imported from Japan.
*NAK Oil Seal:
Economical, easy to install, sturdy and durable design, oil-resistant, ozone-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials with stable and excellent results.
Original from The United States, excellent air tightness, good compressibility, good creep resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, Stable resilience, anti-adhesion, non-corrosive, strong temperature resistance.
Ⅱ. LINTEX Friction discs:
1. Friction sheet paper imported from Germany, glue imported from Japan, using Japanese node process technology.
2. Excellent friction coefficient and friction characteristics.
3. Strong durability and heat resistance, strong adhesion.
4. Reduce the wear of friction materials,Increased its collision


Ⅲ. GFX Steel discs:
1. The material of the steel plate conforms to the working condition standard of the gearbox, which can be better match the friction plate and achieve a better coefficient of dynamic friction and static friction.
2. Be better protect the friction material of the friction plate, reduce wear, and reduce the damage rate and repair rate.
3. Adopts industrial-grade internal irrigation technology and adds 65 manganese, be better flatness, smoothness and hardness.
Car Make:
FORD EVEREST 2.4L 3.2L                           2011
FORD EXPEDITION 3.5L 5.0L 5.4L              2009-2014
FORD F150 3.5L 4.6L 5.0L 5.4L 6.2L            2009-2014
FORD MUSTANG 3.7L 5.0L                          2010-2014
FORD RANGER 2.2L 2.5L 3.0L 3.2L            2010-2014
FORD TRANSIT 3.2L 3.5L 3.7L                    2014
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 5.0L 5.4L                 2009-2014
MAZDA BT-50 2.1L 2.5L 3.0L 3.2L                2012-
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