Company Profile

Guangzhou Hengtai Auto Transmission Technology Co., LTD.,established in 2000, is one of the oldest company selling auto transmission parts in China. The company has developed into a modern enterprise integrating sales, research and development, parts and transmission remanufacturing, transmission testing equipment sales and development. The company has set up 21 branches in Tennessee, Houston, guangzhou, Shanghai, dongguan, chengdu, wuhan, quanzhou, zhengzhou, xinjiang, hefei and other places, and its products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Guangzhou hengtai is the leading enterprise of automatic transmission service industry in China.


Development event of Guangzhou Hengtai Auto Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

On 1st July 2000, Guangzhou Hengfa Automatic Transmission Accessories Co., Ltd. was established. The main business is wholesale and retail automatic transmission repair kits, spare parts and refurbished automatic transmission gearbox.

☆ In 2001, Guangzhou Hengfengtai Automatic Transmission Maintenance Co., Ltd. was established.

☆ In 2005, Guangzhou Wanmei Automatic Transmission Accessories Co., Ltd. was established. In the same year, we launched the TRANSPEED brand automatic transmission repair kits. Start our brand strategy.

☆ In 2006,  Guangzhou Jiake Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. was established. Business main focus on 4S shop. 

☆ In 2007, Hengtai Automatic Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.

☆ In March 2008, Guangzhou Aisin automatic Transmission Maintenance Co., Ltd. was established.

☆ In 2010, Guangzhou Hengtai Group launched ATX brand automatic transmission repair kit product series with original high quality for China and global markets.

☆ In 2014, Hengtai Group cooperated with the largest automobile dismantling company in the United States to set up an automatic transmission storage center in China. 

☆ In 2014, Hengtai Group successfully acquired the American company TENNTEX.

☆ In 2015, Hengtai Group integrated resources and established brand operation center. It realizes the business model of domestic and foreign sales, group purchasing, and data inventory management. It laid the foundation for the development in future 10 years.

☆ In 2016,Hengtai Group established its first  direct-operated store in Shanghai out of Guangzhou Province. 

☆ In 2017, Hengtai Group complied with the market demand and established 8 direct-operated stores in  Chengdu,Wuhan,Quanzhou,Zhengzhou,Xi’an,Dongguan and other first-line cities.Advocating “service coming to  your side”.

☆ In 2018, Hengtai Group speeded up the TRANSPEED brand’s  network layout for service marketing in China, and established Urumqi, Hefei, Chongqing, Harbin, Lanzhou, and Jinan branches…..


Our company culture is:

★ Enterprise Vision: With the TRANSPEED brand as its core competitiveness, enrich product lines, and provide a global platform for the circulating of high-quality gearbox accessories, and one-stop service system is built to provide the most cost-effective performance products for the global maintenance market,create value for customers.

★ Enterprise mission: To create a world-class brand and strive to become the global leader in automatic transmission accessories; create value for customers and build a stage for employees.

★ Enterprise values: focus on customer,quality first, integrity and honesty,respect the individual;

★ Innovation and Breakthrough, cooperation, learning and  growth, leadership style.

★ Business philosophy: love, responsibility, trust, tolerance!

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